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About this Website
The intention of the new Soling website is to create a new look and a site which will be easy to edit, not only by the Webmaster but also by the NSA secretaries and by other people.

Our new website will be organized so that anyone can add to or update the information at any time. This concept is now being used by many small companies that cannot afford a full time webmaster or a specialized editor.

The only disvantage we have with this type of database is that because of the programs and the dificulties involved, Graphic design is not too much sofisticate and mostly all webpages is kept constant, only changing when program also ask for this change.

The cost in building this site is the same as it was before so for the soling class this remake will be a injection of new blood and will improve comunication between members and soling lovers, with a Mailing list, Chat and Forum that are available.

The leap which the ISA is taking today will be only a step toward in the future where class payments, entry forms, etc will be done online. We intend to make things as easy as possible for the sailors. Also it will be a way of keeping all the information in a database so as to generate statistics about championships, races, members, boats for sale, etc…

This website has four sections.
The first is the one everyone can check information, this section doesn't need any password and display all the content selected by the user.
The second one is the SAILORS area, where once the sailor is registered, he can add or modify a team(with pictures and sponsors logo), he can modify his own contact information and other data, select to receive or not the newsletter, to be displayed under sailor's profile or not, and it is the only place you are allowd to add advertise about your stuff under Sale,Charter & Crew, Probably will add more and new features in the feature.
The third one is the FORUM area, where you will need to be registered in order to use and leave messages and questions to other soling sailors. There are some current discussions already at this area, please check.
The fourth area is the Secure administration area, at this place only NSA, Editors, Updaters are allowd to use the same password as Sailor's profile and access a variety of forms that alow the one change one or more parts at the website, add new things as news, Minutes, Rules modifications, etc...

How I get my password?
If you are a sailor and want to join this sailing community at the net please only click at Registration under Sailor's profile, follow the steps filling the information is required and then click on save the one, after that you will be inside the sailor's area where you can upload your onw picture, must be a face picture better from 180 x 200 in jpg format, add a new team, sponsors logo, action photo, add an Article.
If you feel you want to help editing news, etc from your country please contact ISA secretary trough the contact form and we will add your user and password permissions to enter to the secure area administration.

Just click once at the buttons when adding or modifying information at the website, all the process take time and will depend on your computer velocity, network connections, and server work intensity.
If you receive an error allways check to see if the information was not added or modified, because the problem could be only when displaying the message.
Please if you made a mistake contact admin@soling.com and we will be glad modify the one for you.
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